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5 tips for potty training without the stress

We’ve collected stories and helpful tips for you from Aparenting parents who managed to hit the target. The target being the potty, of course :)

We’ve got one at home, too. Had it almost a year now. It’s a lovely sky-blue with two little paws on the bottom. You know, to show the right way to sit on it. A perfectly oval, shiny, never-been-used potty.

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When children live in their own world

Find out what to do when children live in their own world and don’t do what you say, and learn about two types of communication that get through to young children.

Sometimes it seems like she can’t even hear me. She lives in her own world, and nothing can make her do something she doesn’t want to do. I’ve already told her. I repeat it several times, and she still doesn’t do what I say. I feel like she doesn’t care.

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